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Why choose PickMedi Concierge Service Package?

Imagine that you are in Korea now to get the plastic surgery that you've dreamed of. What do you think you need the most?

The most important thing is that the doctor understands your concerns and surgical goals.

Our PickMedi Care Manager is a professionally trained and certified medical interpreter who will help you to understand each clinic’s proposed treatment plan fully. She will ensure the clinic fully understands your goals and advise you of any potential risks associated with each procedure.
Our Care Manager will be your partner throughout your entire journey from before surgery to post surgery and ensure you receive the utmost care. Don't undergo your journey alone.
Choose our Concierge service, and you will be cared for like family. Are you ready to start your beauty journey in Korea? Start with PickMedi. Let's imagine what could happen after your surgery. You will discover why you should choose PickMedi's Care Manager service.

1. How can you go back to your hotel after the surgical anesthesia?
2. Who will help you to compare different surgical recommendations from clinics to make the final decision?
3. Can you remember the aftercare instructions from the clinic if you are still anesthesia groggy?
4. How do you arrange another consultation when you need another opinion?
5. Can you communicate with clinics freely to ask questions about your recovery if there is a language barrier?
6. Can you get enough helpful information about staying in Korea?
Limitations of interpreter's work from the clinic
1. They interpret from the clinic’s standpoint, not from yours.
2. They may not help you with comparing of other clinic's opinions or surgery suggestions.
3. They may not help you outside the hospital.

PickMedi Medical Concierge Service Package

On site Medical Interpretation * 40,000 KRW/hr

* Minimum Interpretation hour is 2 hours.

1. Rose Package
Medical Interpret Hours 12hr
Currency Exchange Service Free
13% Discount 480,000 KRW
432,000 KRW
  • Recommend Surgery for:
  • Eye, Nose, Fat Graft, Cosmetic Dental, Skin Care
2. Lotus Package
Medical Interpret Hours 15hr
Currency Exchange Service Free
14% Discount 600,000 KRW
516,000 KRW
  • Recommend Surgery for:
  • Nose, liposuction, V-Line, Breast Aug Cheek or Jaw Bone, Hair Transplant

3. Lily Package
Medical Interpret Hours 18hr
Currency Exchange Service Free
15% Discount 720,000 KRW
612,000 KRW
  • Recommend Surgery for:
  • Face lifting, Breast Aug, Body Lifting, Tummy Tuck,
    Entire Face Makeover
4. Orchid Package
Medical Interpret Hours 22hr
Currency Exchange Service Free
16% Discount 880,000 KRW
739,000 KRW
  • Recommend Surgery for:
  • Two Jaw, Tummy Tuck, Entire Body Makeover
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  • Example of Medical Interpretation Time Table
  • - Consultation 5hr - Surgery 3hr - Checkup 2hr - Final Checkup 2hr
  • - Total: 12hr

You can edit the above time table by the length of surgery hours, numbers of checkups, and consultation hours.

The recommend surgeries are to give you an idea based on our care manager's experience such as how long the surgery will take, how often you have to do the checkup, and the consultation hours.