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Find your beauty with the easy way and the best care

Are you overwhelmed by clinics?

Why should I choose PickMedi’s services instead of contacting a clinic directly?

1. Easier to find your preferred clinics.
We analyze the doctor’s specialty and build up meaningful data for you. It allows you to compare hospitals and doctors based on a PickMedi scoring system, which is developed from our insider knowledge.

2. Create your group purchase discount.
You can design your sales event at your desired clinic. Gather more people to get more discounts and benefits.

3. Professional medical interpreter
The professional medical interpreter will be there for you all the way from helping you to compare treatment options to make sure you return home safely. There is a potential for mistranslation if you use freelance interpreters.

How it works


1. Search trustworthy and reliable clinics.

You can compare clinics or doctors by their surgery specialty and genuine patient reviews. Save the clinics you are interested in by clicking on the'My Pick' icon for use in estimation and reservation services.

2. Request a estimate and compare prices.

Simply submit your information and get estimates from different clinics simultaneously for price comparison.

3. Create your Travel Buddy Events.

Participate in the Group Purchasing Events or create your Group Purchasing event of the same clinic interest. The bigger the group, the higher the discount.

4. Request arranging appointments for the Clinic Consultations.

We can help arrange appointments for clinic consultations.

5. Choose PickMedi’s Concierge Service.

Our Care Manager is a government certified professional medical interpreter with years of experience who can assist you in finding all the special services you may need.

6. PickMedi Care Manager will be with you.

They will accompany you to consultations and assist you with interpreting in choosing treatment options.

7. On Your Surgery Day

PickMedi Care Manager will oversee you during surgery and ensure you return to your accommodation safely post-surgery.

8. Focus on a breezy recovery.

PickMedi Care Manager helps you to have post-surgery check-up and care for you till the end of your stay in Korea.