How do I choose my plastic surgeon in Korea?

Korea is the world's best place to get various plastic surgery. 

There are about 380 plastic surgery clinics in the Gangnam area, Seoul alone. Even a local Korean, it is not easy to find the right plastic surgery clinic. Here we summarized eight useful tips on how to choose the best Korean plastic surgery without failing as a foreigner.


1. Gather as much information as possible about clinics and surgeries.

Find out information about the plastic surgery you've dreamed of for a long time. As the saying goes, "You can pick the best choice as well as you know!". The right information helps you make the best choice. Although it may seem difficult because it is a professional medical field, it is essential to know what surgery is appropriate to achieve the change you want. And remember a plastic surgery is an optional choice, not a necessity. Search reviews about doctors and clinics written by people who experienced plastic surgery before.

Most consumers trust the opinions of other consumers with the same interests as them. In particular, experiences and reviews of other patients are essential factors in choosing a plastic surgeon.

However, you should filter out excessively photoshopped photos. It's helpful to look at candid photos and reviews if they are right doctors or clinics that meet your aesthetic standards.

You also should monitor overcomplimentary or over-positive reviews of the clinics. Those might be intentionally posted advertising.


2. Make a list of clinics you want to go.

When making a clinic list, you shouldn't be fooled by the clinic's hype. Better to avoid clinics that advertise excessively low prices. Don't forget that plastic surgery is a medical practice that requires a high level of knowledge and skills, and be careful to see if there is anything wrong with it if the price is lower than the average rate of other clinics. Let's make a list of candidate clinics that you might trust.


3. Check out doctors' specialties and representative procedures.

Also, check if the doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon. If the list of candidate clinics and doctors finalizing, you should check if the doctors experienced and expertise in the surgery you want. Every doctor has his or her specialty and representative surgery field. You can easily find out from the clinic website or the plastic surgery information site.


4. Request estimates from at least three clinics on the list.

If a clinic suggests an entirely different surgical procedure than others, or if they offer too low price, you'd better exclude it from the list. If you receive surgery recommendations and quotes from too many clinics, you may be confused. To ask the top three priority clinics will be helpful to compare the suggestions they offer. And then if you want more, you can request additional interested clinics for estimates.


5. Request for a consultation reservation.

Valuable information can be misinterpreted, or cultural misunderstandings can occur without secure and convenient language support with clinics. Get a medical interpreter to translate your request. Don't be stingy with the cost of hiring a medical interpreter. You shouldn't miss out on important things while you try to save on translation costs. Ask for a consultation reservation at the time you want along with your travel plan.


6. Things to watch when you go to the clinic for consultation.

You should be careful to see if there is a doctor who comes out during his ongoing surgery and consult other patients. If general anesthesia is necessary for surgery, ensure that an anesthesiologist is present.
Sedation, which is also called twilight anesthesia, should also be carefully monitored.

Check the attitude of the consultant and staff. If they are not kind when I'm consulting, you should be able to guess that clinics will not take good care of you when you're under anesthesia.

You also have to check with clinics what kind of post operate policy guaranteed when you have issues after surgery.


7. Bring your medical interpreter for your consultation.

When you consult a doctor, you get more nervous than you thought, and sometimes forget what you have to ask. Let the doctor know what you want. Understanding what the doctor says are the most critical factors for successful plastic surgery. A professional medical interpreter will be on your side. A medical interpreter will explain things you do not understand. It is essential to communicate accurately and receive confirmation if you request specific items to the clinic.


8. It's better not to do all the surgeries at one time.

For dramatic changes, several parts may be fixed at the same time. However, if you don't like the surgery result, it's hard to reverse it. It is safe to get operation one by one in harmony with undergoing surgery. Rather than receiving all medical treatment and surgery in one place, it is better to get a doctor who is specialized in each part separately. As each aesthetic standards are all different, doctors are bound to specialize in the field of surgery.


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