About PickMedi

PickMedi is Asia's leading platform for people to learn about cosmetic treatments, share their experiences, and connect with trusted service providers and doctors.

PickMedi is Korea's leading platform for people to learn about cosmetic treatments, share their experiences, and connect with trusted service providers and doctors.

PickMedi is designed to solve the inconveniences and worries of people who come to Korea for plastic surgery. In the past few years, we’ve been watching people struggling to find good local doctors. We’ve seen how much effort and time they spent to find a clinic, compare costs, and schedule a consultation. To solve this kind of problem, we created our platform for people to search for doctors and clinics comfortably, and share information about surgery and reviews with each other. People can request quotes from clinics and schedule consultations in one place. Participate in the promotional events suggested by PickMedi, or plan a Promotion Event only for you and your community travel buddies who want to come to the same clinics.

Do what you wish to do.

You deserve to have it all.

Put your long-awaited dream come true through a Beauty Makeover project with PickMedi.

You may enjoy whatever you want to do because you've been preparing hard. We will help you to find a good clinic and have surgeries.

Please do whatever you want to do, because you deserve it.


Find Your Right Doctor

Search for the best doctors at the PickMedi platform that will bring you the beauty you want.

Make a list of clinics of interest in your MY PICK list.

Get a Free Quote

Ask the clinic you are interested in, get surgery recommendation, a quote for the surgery, and compare it. You can get a big help in estimating how much budget you need and what surgery you may need to do. Get quotes and review at the same time in three clinics.

Request Consultation Reservation

Please make an appointment with the three clinics you would like to consult at the PickMedi platform.

We've been seeing people using translation apps to ask reservations and quotations; it may lead to unwanted communication errors. PickMedi will offer a solution for getting a quote, consultation booking with an online system.

Get Trained Professional Language Support and Personal Care.

We are on your side. We understand what you need.

This beauty makeover trip is not just sightseeing. Korea is well-organized, clean, and safe, but there is still a language barrier. PickMedi’s Care Manager, a professionally trained interpreter, will accurately translate and help you express what you want with clarity.

Don’t endure alone the downtime and loneliness you might face during the surgery and recovery process. You can keep your peace of mind with PickMedi Care Manager to help you as a friend or family in Korea. You deserve to relax and focus on the breezy recovery during your trip.

Share your Review.

People like you will learn and explore your real story and Review.

Share your experiences at the PickMedi platform. Reviews written from your real and outspoken experience will help people like you. We will filter the fake reviews from the clinic for marketing purposes. People may rely on your Reviews to find good clinics and plan surgery safely.


Find your Cosmetic Travel Buddy

Participate in PickMedi's Promotional Events to meet people who want similar surgery like you. You can participate in going to the same clinic and get great discounts. You can also request a Promotional Event for the clinics you want to go to and gather people to come together. You can get a considerable discount. PickMedi will help you to make this event possible. Get unique experiences with friends and get discounts.

Create a Supportive Forum Community

Discuss and create communities in the PickMedi forum. The more you share the information about your experiences, the better you can get information about clinics or restaurants and beautiful places to visit in Korea. Share your experiences and influence people who have the same interests. The next time you come back to Korea, you will get more quality information.